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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"The Rise and Fall of the World We Knew", Metropolis Index Page.

Will be revised, updated, et cetera...
I will write as I can.  The semester has begun. 
Any suggestions or constructive criticisms are always appreciated.
What I originally had, which will be deleted once this is done.  It didn't settle right, a boring read.  An index of the gods will be included later as well in a separate post, based on this and some rougher reference materials I have written prior.  For these, names/powers/consorts are based loosely upon the ancient Anglo-Saxon and Celtic pantheons.  New material is in bold.
(Lugus was the capitol, in whose domain were creation and learning.  It's allies were as follows in the order of their value to Lugus: Belenus, in whose domain was the art of healing.  Debranua, in whose domain were the ways of trade and butchery.  Erecura, in whose domain was the science of agriculture.  Andarta, in whose domain were the ways of war.  Rosmerta, in whose domain were great abundance and proliferation.  Belisama, in whose domain were light, flame, lake, and wave.  Alaunus, in whose domain were magic and prophecy.  Dea Matrona, in whose domain was protection of the young and infirm.  Sucellos, in whose domain were love and time.  Sulis, in whose domain were the sun, life, and grave curses.  Lastly, Ankou, whose domain was simply death.) 

 Note: Cities are listed in order of their perceived value to the central government head-quartered in Lugus. 


As a pleasant island in the midst of a turgid sea, Lugus was naturally the safest place for kings, governors, and businessmen to hide themselves when the first reliable reports were heard of settlements and nations alike falling to an unbeatable foe.  From such affluent influences, Lugus has risen from a tiny tropical resort to the centre of all academic learning and decision-making within the provinces, if not the remaining world.  Each building is the embodiment of its inhabitants.  One might feel dainty by the massive spires of accounting, supported by the marble pillars of governance, or lost amidst the sweeping arcs of the Grand Theatre, to name a few.  However the massive jade and granite temple located on the northern cliffs is truly the jewel of the city, aesthetically, and for its great treasury of knowledge.  It is what gives Lugus its legacy.      


While Lugus sees that the past is remembered and the present preserved, Belenus looks to the future as the pinnacle of science and innovation for this age.  Located on the forested hills that reach between Erecura's vineyards and the first of Debranua's sprawling markets, Belenus in two words is standardly shiny.  It is mainly comprised of white or metallic block-like buildings, most being the secretive labs responsible for a great deal of our current lifestyle and the rest are living compounds for its hive of workers.  The exception to this rule is the unmistakable rainbow-painted clinical in the center of the city which offers the latest in healing technologies to any who choose to make the pilgramage, supposedly as an act of charity.  







Dea Matrona:





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